Custom Designed House Plans

McConnell Custom Design

(MCD) has been drafting permit plans from client's ideas and sketches since 1994.

This works well for people who need a plan professionally drafted for engineers and permitting.

If you buy stock house plans, you still have to PAY an engineer.

Stock house plans are not ready for permit.

MCD house plans are ready for engineering without wasting time, money and paper.

Best of all they are from YOUR IDEAS!

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McConnell Custom Design

You have probably wasted hours or even days looking at stock house plans.

You have found one or two that are close, but NOT exactly what you want.

Let McConnell Custom Design create building plans from YOUR IDEAS TODAY!

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Engineers Don't Like Stock House Plans

Stock house plans usually come with pages of useless information that needs to be discarded so a licensed engineer can submit their structural plans without duplication and confusion.

Engineers do not have time for design drafting and you do not want to pay their rates for drafting.

They spend their time doing calculations for wind, live and dead loads for beams, tie downs, foundations and much more.